Johanna Mesch

List of John Benjamins publications for which Johanna Mesch plays a role.


This chapter discusses the preparatory work of creating a collection of corpora, together functioning as a multifaceted corpus of the same sign language, across three data subsets of signing in different modalities and on different learning levels, namely visual signing… read more
Schönström, Krister and Johanna Mesch 2022 Second language acquisition of depicting signs: A corpus-based accountSecond Language Acquisition of Sign Languages: Acquisition d'une langue des signes comme langue seconde, Schönström, Krister and Chloë Marshall (eds.), pp. 199–230 | Article
This paper concerns the acquisition of the sign lexicon in L2 learners of Swedish Sign Language. Sampled data (conversation and narrative retelling) from a longitudinal learner corpus with 16 adult L2 signers was analyzed and compared with data from nine L1 signers. The use of three broad types… read more
This article deals with L2 acquisition of a sign language, examining in particular the use and acquisition of non-manual mouth actions performed by L2 learners of Swedish Sign Language. Based on longitudinal data from an L2 learner corpus, we describe the distribution, frequency, and spreading… read more
Mesch, Johanna and Lars Wallin 2015 Gloss annotations in the Swedish Sign Language CorpusInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 20:1, pp. 102–120 | Article
The Swedish Sign Language Corpus (SSLC) was compiled during the years 2009–2011 and consists of video-recorded conversations with 42 informants between the ages of 20 and 82 from three separate regions in Sweden. The overall aim of the project was to create a corpus of Swedish Sign Language (SSL)… read more
Crasborn, Onno A., Els van der Kooij, Dafydd Waters, Bencie Woll and Johanna Mesch 2008 Frequency distribution and spreading behavior of different types of mouth actions in three sign languagesSign Language & Linguistics 11:1, pp. 45–67 | Article
In this paper, we present a comparative study of mouth actions in three European sign languages: British Sign Language (BSL), Nederlandse Gebarentaal (Sign Language of the Netherlands, NGT), and Swedish Sign Language (SSL). We propose a typology for, and report the frequency distribution of, the… read more
Crasborn, Onno A., Johanna Mesch, Dafydd Waters, Annika Nonhebel, Els van der Kooij, Bencie Woll and Brita Bergman 2007 Sharing sign language data online: Experiences from the ECHO projectInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 12:4, pp. 535–562 | Article
This article describes how new technological possibilities allow sign language researchers to share and publish video data and transcriptions online. Both linguistic and technological aspects of creating and publishing a sign language corpus are discussed, and standards are proposed for both… read more