Vadim Kimmelman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Vadim Kimmelman plays a role.



Burkova, Svetlana, Evgeniia Khristoforova and Vadim Kimmelman. 2023. Chapter 4. Syntactic functions of nonmanuals in Russian Sign Language. Advances in Sign Language Corpus Linguistics, Wehrmeyer, Ella (ed.), pp. 90–122
This chapter presents the Russian Sign Language (RSL) Corpus and demonstrates its capabilities as a research tool by summarizing three corpus-based studies primarily focused on syntactic functions of nonmanual markers. The first study considers question marking in regular wh-questions and in… read more | Chapter
Kimmelman, Vadim. 2018. Impersonal reference in Russian Sign Language (RSL). Impersonal human reference in Sign Languages, Barberà, Gemma and Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (eds.), pp. 204–231
This paper contains the first description of impersonal reference in Russian Sign Language (RSL). Impersonal reference has been investigated using a variety of elicitation techniques. It has been found that RSL uses a variety of strategies, namely pro-drop, an indefinite pronoun someone, a plural… read more | Article
Kimmelman, Vadim, Maria Kyuseva, Yana Lomakina and Daria Perova. 2017. On the notion of metaphor in sign languages: Some observations based on Russian Sign Language. Sign Language & Linguistics 20:2, pp. 157–182
Metaphors in sign languages have been an important research topic in recent years, and Taub’s (2001) model of metaphor formation in signs has been influential in the field. In this paper, we analyze metaphors in signs of cognition and emotions in Russian Sign Language (RSL) and argue for a… read more | Article
Sáfár, Anna and Vadim Kimmelman. 2015. Weak hand holds in two sign languages and two genres. Sign Language & Linguistics 18:2, pp. 205–237
In this paper, we provide a quantitative analysis of weak hand holds based on corpus data. We include both a cross-linguistic analysis of these holds in narrative data from Russian Sign Language (RSL) and Sign Language of the Netherlands (NGT), and a language-internal, cross-genre analysis… read more | Article
In this paper, we present data that shed light on the parts of speech system of Russian Sign Language (RSL), in particular, the noun-verb distinction. An experimental study revealed that in RSL, specific phonological differences distinguish between nouns and verbs; these include differences in… read more | Article