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Subjects Discourse studies | English linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Pragmatics | Writing and literacy
Subjects Applied linguistics | Writing and literacy


The use of ‘text history’ and ‘text trajectory’ constitutes an epistemological break from historically static approaches to the study of academic writing for publication. However, there is a need to further develop dynamic approaches to professional academic text production in ways which are… read more | Article
Lillis, Theresa and Mary Jane Curry 2022 EditorialThe dynamics of academic knowledge production: Text histories and text trajectories, Lillis, Theresa and Mary Jane Curry (eds.), pp. 1–5
Navarro, Federico, Theresa Lillis, Tiane Donahue, Mary Jane Curry, Natalia Ávila Reyes, Magnus Gustafsson, Virginia Zavala, Daniela Lauría, Annabelle Lukin, Carolyn McKinney, Haiying Feng and Desiree Motta-Roth 2022 Rethinking English as a lingua franca in scientific-academic contexts: A position statementThe dynamics of academic knowledge production: Text histories and text trajectories, Lillis, Theresa and Mary Jane Curry (eds.), pp. 143–153
We aim to challenge assumptions made about the use of English as a “lingua franca” in scientific-academic contexts, identify the impact of such assumptions on trajectories of knowledge production and uptake, and legitimize the use of multiple languages for transnational scholarly exchange. We set… read more | Article
Drawing on 95 text histories from a longitudinal project on writing for publication in 4 national contexts, this article analyses the language ideologies enacted in referees’ and editors’ comments on articles submitted for publication in English-medium ‘international’ journals. It considers how… read more | Article
This chapter explores how academic engineers write for publication, focusing on “invention” – that is, moments when writers identify the research results they want to present and decide on the arguments they want to make in an article. A key finding presented is that beyond the well-documented role… read more | Article
This chapter describes the impetus for this collection of papers and provides an overview of the ways in which applied linguistics and literacies can be integrated with the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). We first explore the value of applied linguistics and… read more | Article
Curry, Mary Jane and Theresa Lillis 2008 Designing Research-Based Heuristics to Support English-Medium Academic Writing and PublishingLearning and Teaching L2 Writing, Weijen, Daphne van, Elke Van Steendam and Gert Rijlaarsdam (eds.), pp. 29–30