Heather Bliss

List of John Benjamins publications for which Heather Bliss plays a role.


Language learning is a multimodal endeavor; to improve their pronunciation in a new language, learners access not only auditory information about speech sounds and patterns, but also visual information about articulatory movements and processes. With the development of new technologies in… read more
Bliss, Heather 2014 Assigning reference in clausal nominalizationsCross-linguistic Investigations of Nominalization Patterns, Paul, Ileana (ed.), pp. 85–118 | Article
Nominalizations in Blackfoot can be formed of full clauses, and depending on the properties of the clause from which the nominalization is formed, the referent of the nominalization varies. In this paper I describe the patterns of reference assignment in Blackfoot nominalizations, and develop an… read more