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Germanic Heritage Languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change

Edited by Janne Bondi Johannessen † and Joseph C. Salmons

[Studies in Language Variation, 18] 2015. vi, 418 pp.
Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics

Diachronica 1984–1998: Index to Volumes I–XV

Compiled by David J. Holsinger

[Diachronica, 17:IND] 2000. vi, 66 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics

Nostratic: Sifting the Evidence

Edited by Joseph C. Salmons and Brian D. Joseph

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 142] 1998. vi, 293 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics

Germanic Linguistics: Syntactic and diachronic

Edited by Rosina L. Lippi-Green and Joseph C. Salmons

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 137] 1996. viii, 192 pp.
Subjects Germanic linguistics | Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Lauersdorf, Mark Richard and Joseph C. Salmons 2024 An excursion into the lost history of historical sociolinguisticsInvestigating West Germanic Languages: Studies in honor of Robert B. Howell, Hendriks, Jennifer and B. Richard Page (eds.), pp. 301–324 | Chapter
An origin story has emerged and solidified around the relatively new research area called historical sociolinguistics – a story based primarily on the field’s relatively brief history as a “named” field (reaching back only a few decades) and repeated regularly and largely uniformly in summary,… read more
Bowern, Claire, William Labov, Sali A. Tagliamonte, Nigel Vincent, Donald A. Ringe, Jr. and Joseph C. Salmons 2023 Diachrony and Diachronica: 40@40Diachronica 40:4, pp. 557–568 | Editorial
Joseph, Brian D. and Joseph C. Salmons 2022 Ernst Frideryk Konrad Koerner: In memoriamDiachronica 39:5, pp. 613–615 | Miscellaneous
Litty, Samantha, Jennifer Mercer and Joseph C. Salmons 2019 Chapter 7. Early immigrant English: Midwestern English before the dust settledProcesses of Change: Studies in Late Modern and Present-Day English, Jansen, Sandra and Lucia Siebers (eds.), pp. 115–138 | Chapter
We explore the development of final obstruent neutralization (German Bad ‘bath’: /ba:d/ = [ba:t]) and other features of an emerging Wisconsin English variety that has been shaped by contact, while considering multiple factors such as input, contact, and influence from other varieties. We draw our… read more
Salmons, Joseph C. 2016 Joe’s jottingDiachronica 33:4, pp. 547–550 | Editorial
Allen, Brent and Joseph C. Salmons 2015 Heritage Language Obstruent Phonetics and Phonology: American Norwegian and Norwegian-American EnglishGermanic Heritage Languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change, Johannessen, Janne Bondi † and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. 97–116 | Article
This chapter explores the acoustics and phonology of speech sounds produced by Norwegian heritage speakers in the Upper Midwest in Norwegian and to a lesser extent in English. The study reports work on acoustic differences in obstruents spoken by heritage speakers whose L1 and L2 are both… read more
Johannessen, Janne Bondi † and Joseph C. Salmons 2015 The study of Germanic heritage languages in the AmericasGermanic Heritage Languages in North America: Acquisition, attrition and change, Johannessen, Janne Bondi † and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Article
Putnam, Michael T. and Joseph C. Salmons 2013 : Syntactic neutralization in heritage German*Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 3:2, pp. 233–252 | Article
This paper reports initial findings on the apparent loss of passive voice constructions in Moundridge Schweitzer German, a moribund enclave dialect spoken in South Central Kansas. The dialect once had three agent-suppressing constructions; today speakers produce only an impersonal construction but… read more
Carroll, Ryan, Ragnar Svare and Joseph C. Salmons 2012 Quantifying the evolutionary dynamics of German verbsJournal of Historical Linguistics 2:2, pp. 153–172 | Article
Notions of constant rates of language change, whether relative or absolute, are widespread but controversial. Lieberman et al. (2007: 713) posit a frequency-based principle for verb regularization, tested against English historical data: “a verb that is 100 times less frequent regularizes 10 times… read more
Salmons, Joseph C., Robert Allen Fox and Ewa Jacewicz 2012 Prosodic skewing of input and the initiation of cross-generational sound changeThe Initiation of Sound Change: Perception, production, and social factors, Solé, Maria-Josep and Daniel Recasens (eds.), pp. 167–184 | Article
This paper addresses a proposal about how the seeds of sound change are planted during cross-generational transmission in the particular case of persevering vocalic chain shifts, that is, changes that appear to span many generations. Specifically, we explore the idea that the realization of vowels… read more
Smith, Laura Catharine and Joseph C. Salmons 2008 Historical Phonology and Evolutionary PhonologyDiachronica 25:3, pp. 411–430 | Review article
Geiger, Steven R. and Joseph C. Salmons 2006 Reconstructing variation at shallow time depths: The historical phonetics of 19th century German dialects in the U.S.Variation and Reconstruction, Cravens, Thomas D. (ed.), pp. 37 ff. | Article
Salmons, Joseph C. 2002 Joe’s JottingsDiachronica 19:2, pp. 429–430 | Miscellaneous
Salmons, Joseph C. 1999 Publications Received/Ouvrages Reçus/Eingegangene SchriftenDiachronica 16:1, pp. 217–232 | Miscellaneous
Salmons, Joseph C. 1999 Publications Received/Ouvrages Reçus/Eingegangene SchriftenDiachronica 16:2, pp. 413–431 | Section header
Salmons, Joseph C. and Brian D. Joseph 1998 IntroductionNostratic: Sifting the Evidence, Salmons, Joseph C. and Brian D. Joseph (eds.), pp. 1 ff. | Chapter
Macken, Marlys A. and Joseph C. Salmons 1997 Prosodic Templates in Sound ChangeDiachronica 14:1, pp. 31–66 | Article
SUMMARY Prosodic Morphology and Phonology have extended the prosodic hierarchy to solve recalcitrant problems in a number of areas and, more recently, work on phonological acquisition has determined that a prosodic template is a basic organizing unit for the acquisition of features and… read more
Salmons, Joseph C. 1997 Beard, Robert. Lexeme-Morpheme Base MorphologyStudies in Language 21:3, pp. 709–711 | Squib
Lippi-Green, Rosina L. and Joseph C. Salmons 1996 ForewordGermanic Linguistics: Syntactic and diachronic, Lippi-Green, Rosina L. and Joseph C. Salmons (eds.), pp. vii ff. | Miscellaneous
SUMMARY This article examines the interplay between umlaut and plurality in Old High German as well as the modern language, a diachronic problem central to the theoretical literature on 'Natural Morphology' (NM). The NM analysis of these relations is revised on a variety of theoretical and… read more
Data from language acquisition, psycholinguistics, and diachronic studies have all shown that the lexicon has a clear internal structure, which includes relationships among lexical items based on phonetic and phonological characteristics, semantic features, morphology, and frequency of use. In the… read more
Salmons, Joseph C. and Gregory Iverson 1993 Gothic PL- ~ FL- Variation as Lexical DiffusionDiachronica 10:1, pp. 87–96 | Article
Salmons, Joseph C. 1992 The Evolution of Gender Assignment from OHG to NHGRecent Developments in Germanic Linguistics, Lippi-Green, Rosina L. (ed.), pp. 81 ff. | Article
Salmons, Joseph C. 1992 A look at the data for a global etymology: *tik ‘finger’Explanation in Historical Linguistics, Davis, Garry W. and Gregory Iverson (eds.), pp. 207 ff. | Article