Peter K.W. Tan

List of John Benjamins publications for which Peter K.W. Tan plays a role.


Tan, Peter K.W. 2021 Chapter 9. Naming as styling: Inauthenticity in building names in SingaporeLanguage in Place: Stylistic perspectives on landscape, place and environment, Virdis, Daniela Francesca, Elisabetta Zurru and Ernestine Lahey (eds.), pp. 167–188 | Chapter
This chapter examines the notion of authenticity as applied to building names in Singapore. The city itself is seen as a multi-authored text, and constitutes a kind of narrative within which building names form an important element. An initial definition of authenticity is developed based on… read more
This paper investigates the medium-of-instruction debate in the press and news agency reports in 2002 in Malaysia in the wake of a policy change which would see the introduction of an English-Malay bilingual or mixed medium education in schools from 2003. The author uses this debate as a… read more