Helge Sandoy

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helge Sandoy plays a role.


Sandoy, Helge, Ragnhild Lie Anderson and Maria-Rosa Doublet 2014 The Bergen dialect splits in twoStability and Divergence in Language Contact: Factors and Mechanisms, Braunmüller, Kurt, Steffen Höder and Karoline Kühl (eds.), pp. 239–264 | Article
An extensive sociolinguistic study in 1978 demonstrated a levelling of the high- and low-status varieties of the Bergen dialect, and the two centres of Fana and Bergen within this municipality showed the same linguistic tendencies. A parallel study of recordings from 2010 reveals that the… read more
There are reasons for assuming that different types of communities provide different social conditions for linguistic changes with consequences at least for the speed and for the type of grammatical changes. In order to explore this question, we need both a typology of communities and a model for… read more