Leonardo M. Savoia

List of John Benjamins publications for which Leonardo M. Savoia plays a role.


Franco, Ludovico, Maria Rita Manzini and Leonardo M. Savoia 2021 Locative Ps as general relators: Location, direction, DOM in RomanceInto adpositions: New formal perspectives on the structure of the PP and its variation, Acedo-Matellán, Víctor, Theresa Biberauer, Jaume Mateu and Anna Pineda (eds.), pp. 135–173
Based mostly on the Romance languages, we provide evidence for the conclusion that oblique adpositions involved in the encoding of location and direction do not contribute a specific, fixed spatial meaning. On the contrary, they are general relators, relating a complement to an event by… read more | Article
Manzini, Maria Rita, Leonardo M. Savoia and Benedetta Baldi 2021 Chapter 8. - ŋ plurals in North Lombard varieties: Differential plural marking and phasesRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2018: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 32, Utrecht, Baauw, Sergio, Frank Drijkoningen and Luisa Meroni (eds.), pp. 151–170
We focus on North Lombard -a and -n feminine plurals, for which we provide a morphological analysis. At the syntactic level, the relevant varieties are characterized by the phenomenon of Differential Plural Marking, whereby phasal domains have different realizations of plural morphology on the head… read more | Chapter
In this paper we aim at analysing, from a pragmatic viewpoint, the rhetoric of delegitimization of the opponent in new media insofar as it triggers individual, uncontrolled and deep-rooted forms of communications. The communicative context is that of the political controversies and the propaganda… read more | Article
Manzini, Maria Rita and Leonardo M. Savoia 2019 N morphology and its interpretation: Romance feminine singular/plural -aItalian Dialectology at the Interfaces, Cruschina, Silvio, Adam Ledgeway and Eva-Maria Remberger (eds.), pp. 257–293
This contribution deals with the -a inflection in Italian varieties, which realizes plural as well as feminine singular. Thus the -a inflection externalizes apparently irreducible contents (singular/plural). We try to answer the question whether it is possible to unify these two readings. Feminine… read more | Chapter
Our Aromanian data come from Diviakë, Libofshë and Fier, three locations close to one another in southern Albania, and from Këllez, also in southern Albania. We argue that the impossibility of embedding sentences directly under V-v (Agree Resistance Theorem) leads to the overall shape of… read more | Article
Manzini, Maria Rita and Leonardo M. Savoia 2011 Reducing ‘case’ to denotational primitives: Nominal inflections in AlbanianLinguistic Variation 11:1, pp. 76–120
The nominal inflection system of Albanian includes specifications of case, definiteness, number and nominal class (gender). Our analysis recognizes three types of properties as theoretically relevant, namely N(ominal class), Q(quantification), D(efiniteness). Q inflections are responsible for the… read more | Article
Manzini, Maria Rita and Leonardo M. Savoia 2011 (Definite) denotation and case in Romance: History and variationRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2009: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Nice 2009, Berns, Janine, Haike Jacobs and Tobias Scheer (eds.), pp. 149–166
Recent minimalist approaches have reduced case to independent primitives (agreement, Tense) – but without any connection to its morphological expression. To solve this dichotomy, we consider the Latin -s case ending. Rejecting default treatments, we conclude that -s is associated with denotational,… read more | Article