Tam Blaxter

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tam Blaxter plays a role.


Gopal, Deepthi, Tam Blaxter, David Willis and Adrian Leemann 2021 Testing models of diffusion of morphosyntactic innovations in Twitter dataUrban Matters: Current approaches in variationist sociolinguistics, Ziegler, Arne, Stefanie Edler and Georg Oberdorfer (eds.), pp. 253–278 | Chapter
Established models of the spatial diffusion of linguistic innovations vary in their relationship to population density. Differences in prediction between the gravity models (Trudgill 1974), in which probability of diffusion is sensitive to settlement size, and the traditional wave models can be… read more
This article investigates the pragmatic function of new negative markers during incipient renewal of negation in ‘Jespersen’s cycle’. We outline a typology of these markers, suggesting a pathway by which they begin as specialized for use with discourse-old propositions and later expand to… read more