Klaus-Dirk Schmitz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Klaus-Dirk Schmitz plays a role.


Schmitz, Klaus-Dirk. 2015. Terminology and localization. Handbook of Terminology: Volume 1, Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. 451–463
New industries, like the information technology industry, depend on the creation of new terminology to communicate the new concepts and products developed. In the case of building software products, terminology is particularly important because the terms are operational components of the product… read more | Article
This paper examines the relationship between terminology management practices in the software development and localization process and the empowerment of end-users. It shows that because a positive evaluation of the software use experience is often premised on clear and consistent terminology,… read more | Chapter
Melby, Alan K., Klaus-Dirk Schmitz and Sue Ellen Wright. 2001. 8.1.5 Terminology Interchange. Handbook of Terminology Management: Volume 2: Application-Oriented Terminology Management, Wright, Sue Ellen and Gerhard Budin (comps.), pp. 613–642