Maryualê M. Mittmann

List of John Benjamins publications for which Maryualê M. Mittmann plays a role.


Raso, Tommaso, Plínio A. Barbosa, Frederico A. Cavalcante and Maryualê M. Mittmann 2020 Chapter 1. Segmentation and analysis of the two English excerpts: The Brazilian team proposalIn Search of Basic Units of Spoken Language: A corpus-driven approach, Izre'el, Shlomo, Heliana Mello, Alessandro Panunzi and Tommaso Raso (eds.), pp. 309–326 | Chapter
This paper has a tripartite focus: (1) to establish the best segmentation for two American English texts according to inter-rater agreement measurements. By doing this, we differentiate the behavior of experts and non-experts annotators. The experts’ annotation constitute the basis for the… read more
Panunzi, Alessandro and Maryualê M. Mittmann 2014 The IPIC resource and a cross-linguistic analysis of information structure in Italian and Brazilian PortugueseSpoken Corpora and Linguistic Studies, Raso, Tommaso and Heliana Mello (eds.), pp. 129–151 | Article
We present a multi-level XML online database, DB-IPIC, designed specifically for the study of linear relations among information units in spoken corpora. DB-IPIC adopts Language into Act Theory (L-ACT) as the basis for spoken language modeling. According to L-ACT, information is coded at the… read more