Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

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Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Evolution of language | Philosophy

The Primacy of Movement

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

[Advances in Consciousness Research, 14] 1999. xxxiv, 583 pp.
Subjects Cognitive psychology | Consciousness research | Evolution of language | Philosophy


Sheets-Johnstone, Maxine 2013 Bodily resonanceMoving Imagination: Explorations of gesture and inner movement, De Preester, Helena (ed.), pp. 19–36 | Article
Sheets-Johnstone, Maxine 2012 Fundamental and inherently interrelated aspects of animationMoving Ourselves, Moving Others: Motion and emotion in intersubjectivity, consciousness and language, Foolen, Ad, Ulrike M. Lüdtke, Timothy P. Racine and Jordan Zlatev (eds.), pp. 27–56 | Article
This paper shows in detailed ways how animation is the evolutionary and existential ground floor of our being alive in the world and making sense of it, and thus how animation is the proper point of departure not only for basic understandings of perception, affectivity, cognition, meaning,… read more
Sheets-Johnstone, Maxine 2012 Chapter 3. Kinesthetic memory: Further critical reflections and constructive analysesBody Memory, Metaphor and Movement, Koch, Sabine C., Thomas Fuchs, Michela Summa and Cornelia Müller (eds.), pp. 43–72 | Article
This essay expands and broadens a 2003 article on kinesthetic memory. It does so by critically examining currently favored taxonomies of memory as put forward by scientists, philosophers, and neuroscientists, and, in turn, by presenting a phenomenological perspective on body memory based on… read more
Sheets-Johnstone, Maxine 2005 What are we naming?Body Image and Body Schema: Interdisciplinary perspectives on the body, De Preester, Helena and Veroniek Knockaert (eds.), pp. 211–231 | Article