Amy Sheldon

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This chapter analyses an exchange where hecklers interrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) at a 2008 U. S. Presidential campaign town hall meeting. Analysis of video records describes HRC’s impromptu, embodied rhetorical response that repositions the disruptors onto the discursive margin and upholds… read more
American English-speaking preschoolers reinscribe implicit understandings of gender prescriptions in their food-related talk and pretend play. Girls discussed and coordinated complex, sequenced meal preparation, sometimes explicitly as mother or child. Boys’ food-as-comestible play was shorter and… read more
Sheldon, Amy and Heidi Engstrom 2005 Two systems of mutual engagement: The co-construction of gendered narrative styles by American preschoolersThe Sociolinguistics of Narrative, Thornborrow, Joanna and Jennifer Coates (eds.), pp. 171–192 | Article
Sheldon, Amy 1993 Saying it with a smilePrinciples and Prediction: The analysis of natural language, Eid, Mushira and Gregory Iverson (eds.), pp. 215 ff. | Article