Maia Duguine

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Argument Structure and Syntactic Relations: A cross-linguistic perspective

Edited by Maia Duguine, Susana Huidobro and Nerea Madariaga

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 158] 2010. vi, 348 pp.
Subjects Generative linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Duguine, Maia and Aritz Irurtzun 2021 Chapter 9. On the role of prosody in wh-in-situ: Cross-linguistic comparison and experimental evidence from BasqueSyntactic Geolectal Variation: Traditional approaches, current challenges and new tools, Cerrudo, Alba, Ángel J. Gallego and Francesc Roca Urgell (eds.), pp. 263–294 | Chapter
A growing number of works propose a direct role of PF in the generation of wh-in-situ. Relying mainly on data from Basque, we critically evaluate two such proposals (Richards, 2010; Mathieu, 2016) and argue that they face a range of empirical and conceptual shortcomings. We contrast these with… read more
Duguine, Maia 2012 Basque nominalizations and the role 
of structural Case in the licensing of null argumentsNoun Phrases and Nominalization in Basque: Syntax and semantics, Etxeberria, Urtzi, Ricardo Etxepare and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria (eds.), pp. 333–374 | Article
This article investigates the question of the licensing of null arguments in the so-called pro-drop languages. By focusing on the licensing of null subjects in the different types of -T(Z)E nominalizations in Basque, it aims at defining in a precise way the crucial feature that makes pro-drop… read more
Duguine, Maia, Susana Huidobro and Nerea Madariaga 2010 Argument structure and syntactic relationsArgument Structure and Syntactic Relations: A cross-linguistic perspective, Duguine, Maia, Susana Huidobro and Nerea Madariaga (eds.), pp. 1–10 | Chapter
Duguine, Maia 2008 Silent arguments without pro: The case of BasqueThe Limits of Syntactic Variation, Biberauer, Theresa (ed.), pp. 311–329 | Article
Basque is traditionally described as a three-way pro-drop language, aparadigmatic instance of the positive setting of the pro-drop parameter. Thisarticle investigates the phenomenon of silent arguments in Basque and proposesa novel account of this phonological emptiness. It is argued that Basque… read more