Farhad Moezzipour

List of John Benjamins publications for which Farhad Moezzipour plays a role.


Ostovar-Namaghi, Seyyed Ali, Fatemeh Khorram and Farhad Moezzipour. 2022. Exploring the use of modality in EFL learners’ writing. English Text Construction 15:1, pp. 68–88
Due to prevalence of formal analysis in language education, the implications of Systemic Functional Grammar has largely been ignored by materials and methods of language education. To illustrate the inadequacies of formal analysis and make a case for functional analysis and assessment of writing… read more | Article
Prepositions contribute to the schematic meanings in Persian complex predicates. Based on the Concept Structuring System (Talmy 2000), we argue that since the light verb and preverbal noun belong to different subsystems, they fulfill distinctive conceptual dimensions of the semantic representation.… read more | Article
This chapter aims to study the prepositional marking and the postpositional marking of the recipient in the Persian non-canonical ditransitive alignments, which are associated respectively with a particular role that the recipient as topic or exhaustive focus plays in the information-structural… read more | Article
The goal of this chapter is to provide a Role and Reference Grammar (RRG henceforth) analysis of cleft sentences in Persian with respect to the role of interaction over the domains of syntax, semantics and information structure. Clefting is functionally motivated by thematically marked expression… read more | Article