Timothy Jowan Curnow

List of John Benjamins publications for which Timothy Jowan Curnow plays a role.


From its inception in 1977 until its last year of publication by an Australian publisher in 2015, the Australian Review of Applied Linguistics featured over 700 articles related to applied linguistics. This publication history provides a unique resource for tracing the scope and change of the… read more
This paper examines the development of the First Language Maintenance and Development (FLMD) program in South Australia. This program is the main language policy activity that specifically focuses on language maintenance in government primary schools and has existed since 1986. During this time,… read more
Liddicoat, Anthony J. and Timothy Jowan Curnow 2008 21. The morphological development of the perfect in Jersey Norman FrenchMorphology and Language History: In honour of Harold Koch, Bowern, Claire, Bethwyn Evans and Luisa Miceli (eds.), pp. 299–312 | Article
Curnow, Timothy Jowan 2003 Nonvolitionality expressed through evidentialsStudies in Language 27:1, pp. 39–59 | Article
Some languages code that an action was performed unintentionally using evidentials, which in other contexts indicate a speaker’s source of information. Evidentials are only used for indicating nonvolitionality when an action was carried out by the speaker in the past. The evidential marker may… read more
This paper on Spanish for Science and Technology (SST) analyzes the rhetorical functions carried out by the selection of voice — active, passive or se-passive — in five biological research articles in Spanish. It compares these rhetorical functions with those found in French and English scientific… read more