Britta Hufeisen

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Subjects Language acquisition | Multilingualism | Psycholinguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Hufeisen, Britta 2018 Models of multilingual competenceForeign Language Education in Multilingual Classrooms, Bonnet, Andreas and Peter Siemund (eds.), pp. 173–189 | Chapter
In this article, I will discuss the notions of first language(s) L1, first foreign language L2 and second foreign language L3, also including further foreign language(s) Lx or Ln and the question of what multilanguage competency means in terms of ‘using’ or even ‘mastering’ a language. A level of… read more
This chapter focuses on the methods of research which especially fit the nature of multilingualism. The inherent properties of contemporary multilingualism, complexity, liminality and suffusiveness, call for apposite and emerging methods of research. Among the latter are methods of complexity… read more
Aronin, Larissa and Britta Hufeisen 2009 9. Crossing the second thresholdThe Exploration of Multilingualism: Development of research on L3, multilingualism and multiple language acquisition, Aronin, Larissa and Britta Hufeisen (eds.), pp. 155–160 | Chapter
In this final chapter we shall highlight once again the crucial steps in the exploration of multilingualism(1) , recapitulate the salient developments in L3 and multilingualism research which were revealed in this volume (2) and attempt to look into the future of research into third and multiple… read more
If the goal of receptive multilingualism is to be attained in the European context, new pedagogical concepts must be developed, tested and implemented. The following discussion has as its focus the learning of a new, tertiary and possibly related foreign language (FL), employing two models,… read more