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Im/politeness and Stage Translation

Edited by Maria Sidiropoulou

Special issue of Translation and Translanguaging in Multilingual Contexts 6:1 (2020) v, 108 pp.
Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Multilingualism | Translation Studies


Sidiropoulou, Maria 2021 Chapter 11. Migration through the English-Greek translated pressApproaches to Internet Pragmatics: Theory and practice, Xie, Chaoqun, Francisco Yus and Hartmut Haberland (eds.), pp. 321–341 | Chapter
The chapter problematizes pragmatic shifts in 2015 web-retrieved English-Greek translated press news texts on the 2015 refugee crisis in Europe. There seems to be a gate-keeping role of the traditional media to locally reshape global dissemination of inference-making through verbal material,… read more
Sidiropoulou, Maria 2020 Introduction: Im/politeness and theatre translationIm/politeness and Stage Translation, Sidiropoulou, Maria (ed.), pp. 1–8 | Introduction
Identities are often reshaped, in translanguaging contexts, to fit narratives circulating in target environments. Analysis of parallel tourism data shifts is a rich resource for tracing how space identities may travel cross-culturally. The study tackles representations of Asianness as manifested… read more
Media research problematizes processes of mediation and the media-audience relationship. The study explores a second-order but equally important type of mediation process, that of press translation. It examines a set of pairs of English original and Greek translated headlines culled from various… read more
The study explores mediated identity construction on the local and global stage, in Greek-English tourism material. It examines sample data, drawing on the Greek National Tourism Organization website, to identify shifts in the Greek and English versions of the data using Swain’s (2009) model of… read more
This article explores aspects of modal marker use in English and Greek and suggests that parallel data may significantly contribute to raising learners’ intercultural sensitivity in the FL classroom, as an instance of TOLC (Translation in Other Language Contexts). Parallel data seem to assume a… read more
Translated and original texts have been claimed to differ with respect to their linguistic make-up. Parallel versions of texts seem to reflect aspects of the identities represented by the respective languages. The study exploits this potential, in the EU context, with a view to raising awareness of… read more
Sidiropoulou, Maria 1998 Quantities in Translation: English vs. Greek Press1Target 10:2, pp. 319–333 | Article
The presentation of quantities in target discourses is expected to survive the translation strategies which allow target-oriented modifications, especially in news reporting where accuracy could be an asset for the persuasion strategy adopted. However, numerical expressions are occasionally… read more
Sidiropoulou, Maria 1995 Headlining in Translation: English vs. Greek Press1Target 7:2, pp. 285–304 | Article
A hundred translated article headlines appearing in the Greek press are contrasted to their originals in the English press. The cognitive, cultural and social constraints on headline formation observed relate to a higher degree of directness associated with the Greek version of the corpus, on the… read more