Mojca Pecman

List of John Benjamins publications for which Mojca Pecman plays a role.



Pecman, Mojca and Natalie Kübler 2022 Chapter 12. Text genres and TerminologyTheoretical Perspectives on Terminology: Explaining terms, concepts and specialized knowledge, Faber, Pamela and Marie-Claude L'Homme (eds.), pp. 263–290
Terminology is intrinsically linked to textual genres. Text genres became an essential component of terminological research and practice in the context of Corpus-based and Textual Terminology. These approaches placed a spotlight on specific terminological features according to genre types and made… read more | Chapter
In Languages for Specific Purposes (LSPs), variation and term formation are often seen as related phenomena, variation being interpreted as a sign of neology. In scientific discourse though, variation can play specific roles, thereby giving a different dimension to neology as a linguistic process… read more | Article
Pecman, Mojca 2012 Tentativeness in term formation: A study of neology as a rhetorical device in scientific papersNeology in Specialized Communication, Cabré, Teresa, Rosa Estopà and Chelo Vargas-Sierra (eds.), pp. 27–58
The study on term formation presented in this paper is related to the problem of determining the function of neologisms in scientific communication and to the issue of processing the concomitant variation, typical of such new denominations. Our analysis of scientific texts shows that neologisms can… read more | Article
The present chapter explores the many problems that occur in processing bilingual phraseology and strives to offer concrete solutions. The methodological framework and reflection are based on empirical research into English-French phraseology for academic and scientific purposes. The ultimate goal… read more | Article