Nicole Tersis

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Variations on Polysynthesis: The Eskaleut languages

Edited by Marc-Antoine Mahieu and Nicole Tersis

[Typological Studies in Language, 86] 2009. ix, 312 pp.
Subjects Languages of North America | Morphology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology


Tersis, Nicole 2010 Clause dependency relations in East Greenlandic InuitClause Linking and Clause Hierarchy: Syntax and pragmatics, Bril, Isabelle (ed.), pp. 581–602 | Article
In the dialects of Inuit, two main features of clause subordination stand out: first, the lack of subordinating conjunctions, as subordinate clauses are indicated by verbal morphology and synthetic devices; second, there is a structural parallelism between several verb forms found in subordinate… read more
Tersis, Nicole 2009 Lexical polysynthesis: Should we treat lexical bases and their affixes as a continuum?Variations on Polysynthesis: The Eskaleut languages, Mahieu, Marc-Antoine and Nicole Tersis (eds.), pp. 51–64 | Chapter
Polysynthesis in Inuit appears at both lexical and sentence levels. The analysis of a sampling of 3000 lexical entries and 300 affixes collected in Eastern Greenland (Tunumiisut) shows how polysynthesis works in lexical morphology and how phonetic wastage helps to obscure the motivation for some… read more
The article focuses on recurring semantic associations for the terms meaning “friend” in different genetic stocks. The data show a distinction between several semantic networks which partially overlap, and in which “friend” is linked to different terms designating the “other” in a dual relation.… read more