Michèle Oliviéri

List of John Benjamins publications for which Michèle Oliviéri plays a role.


Poletto, Cecilia and Michèle Oliviéri 2018 Chapter 9. Negation patterns across dialectsStructuring Variation in Romance Linguistics and Beyond: In honour of Leonardo M. Savoia, Grimaldi, Mirko, Rosangela Lai, Ludovico Franco and Benedetta Baldi (eds.), pp. 133–148 | Chapter
In this work we consider two opposite sorts of Romance varieties with respect to the negative marker, i.e. an Occitan variety where the preverbal negative marker alone is so much reduced that it can nowadays only occur in some specific syntactic contexts and two Venetan varieties where the… read more
Oliviéri, Michèle, Jean-Pierre Lai and David Heap 2017 Chapter 7. Partial subject paradigms and feature geometry in Northern Occitan dialectsRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 11: Selected papers from the 44th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), London, Ontario, Perpiñán, Silvia, David Heap, Itziri Moreno-Villamar and Adriana Soto-Corominas (eds.), pp. 147–167 | Chapter
In between the minority of Romance languages that have full paradigms of subject clitics (e.g. Standard French) and the unmarked null subject grammars (e.g. Spanish, Italian and most Occitan dialects), a continuum of transitional varieties shows between one and five nominative clitics. Unlike the… read more
By and large in the generative framework, syntactic comparisons concern isolated mechanisms within different languages in a typological perspective. However, comparison can provide more if, as dialectologists, we consider that variation between closely genealogically related languages throws light… read more