Tong King Lee

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tong King Lee plays a role.


Lee, Tong King 2022 TranslatophiliaTarget 34:4, pp. 543–564
This article advances the notion of translatophilia, defined as the fetishisation of translation in hypercorrection of its perceived marginalisation. Using how Translation Studies scholars have engaged with the copyright regime in postpositivist fashion as a case in point, it argues that in the… read more | Article
This paper examines the manifestation of authorial identity in research articles by contrasting the phenomenon across two languages (English and Chinese) and three fields (Literature, Education, Chemistry). The study seeks to find patterns governing the use of self-mention devices among native… read more | Article
This article examines problems arising from biliterate performances in English and Chinese in the context of the sociolinguistics of Singapore. The questions asked include: What are the ramifications of translating Chinese literature carrying anglophobic themes into English? How might translation… read more | Article
This paper proposes a few models that describe the translational relationship among competing languages in a plurilingual society, using the heterolingual literary anthology as the material context for discussion. It argues that the heterolingual literary anthology is a powerful instrument with… read more | Article
This paper explores the notion of the death of the Translator, inspired by Barthes’ formulation of the death of the Author. It argues that the death of the Translator is caused by a loss of human agency in translation and is therefore most clearly exemplified in machine translation. Based on an… read more | Article
This paper explores the ideological function of translation in negotiating power relations among languages in multilingual Singapore. Based on an analysis of the discursive roles of translation in multilingual literary anthologies published between 1985 and 2008, the paper argues that the power… read more | Article