Carmen Silva-Corvalán

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Silva-Corvalán, Carmen 2018 Bilingual acquisition: Difference or incompleteness?Questioning Theoretical Primitives in Linguistic Inquiry: Papers in honor of Ricardo Otheguy, Shin, Naomi and Daniel Erker (eds.), pp. 245–268 | Chapter
In the context of heritage languages, the term incomplete acquisition implies that the bilingual child has acquired a language system that is different from that of the providers of language input. The notion of incomplete acquisition has recently been criticized. For example, some scholars argue… read more
deber deber de Deber Juan debe presentarse al trabajo mañana deber de Juan debe de tener unos 30 años deber de deber deber (de) deber deber de deber de deber deber de deber de de -n -s deber de read more
Silva-Corvalán, Carmen and Noelia Sánchez-Walker 2007 1. Subjects in early dual language development: A case study of a Spanish-English bilingual childSpanish in Contact: Policy, Social and Linguistic Inquiries, Potowski, Kim and Richard Cameron (eds.), pp. 3–22 | Article
The acquisition by monolingual children of the knowledge of whether their language requires overt subjects is one of the most studied phenomena in the language acquisition literature, but this phenomenon has not received the same degree of attention in bilingual children. The present study… read more
Silva-Corvalán, Carmen 1998 On Borrowing as a Mechanism of Syntactic ChangeRomance Linguistics: Theoretical Perspectives, Schwegler, Armin, Bernard Tranel and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria (eds.), pp. 225 ff. | Article
Silva-Corvalán, Carmen 1995 Contextuel Conditions for the Interpretation of poder and deber in SpanishModality in Grammar and Discourse, Bybee, Joan L. and Suzanne Fleischman (eds.), pp. 67 ff. | Article
Silva-Corvalán, Carmen 1991 Cross-generational bilingualism: theoretical implications of language attritionCross Currents in Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic Theory, Huebner, Thom and Charles A. Ferguson (eds.), pp. 325 ff. | Article
Silva-Corvalán, Carmen 1986 The social profile of a syntactico-semantic variable: three verb forms in old CastileDiversity and Diachrony, Sankoff, David, pp. 279–292 | Article
Silva-Corvalán, Carmen 1984 Comments on the paper by ZoblLanguage Universals and Second Language Acquisition, Rutherford, William E. (ed.), pp. 219 ff. | Article