Richard Smith

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Subjects History of linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


As an emerging interdisciplinary, plurilingual and intercultural field (McLelland & Smith, 2018), the History of Language Learning and Teaching – and associated considerations of Applied Linguistic Historiography (Smith, 2016) – can be expected to provide useful perspectives on innovation: how,… read more | Chapter
Smith, Richard and Sultan Erdoğan. 2008. Teacher-learner autonomy: Programme goals and student-teacher constructs. Learner and Teacher Autonomy: Concepts, realities, and response, Lamb, Terry and Hayo Reinders (eds.), pp. 83–102
Responding to needs for clarity of definition in the area of ‘teacher autonomy’, the first, relatively theoretical, part of this paper discusses different dimensions of this notion. It then argues for the goal within initial teacher education of enhancing ‘teacher-learner autonomy’, defined here as… read more | Article