Catherine E. Snow

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The Acquisition of Dutch

Edited by Steven Gillis and Annick De Houwer

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 52] 1998. xvi, 444 pp.
Subjects Germanic linguistics | Language acquisition


Surrain, Sarah, Leslie Duhaylongsod, Robert L. Selman and Catherine E. Snow 2019 Chapter 7. Using narrative thinking in argumentative writingNarrative, Literacy and Other Skills: Studies in intervention, Veneziano, Edy and Ageliki Nicolopoulou (eds.), pp. 151–170 | Chapter
Narrative skills emerge in early childhood and are enhanced by exposure to oral traditions, bookreading, and caregiver questioning. Less is known about how argumentation skills develop, a question of increasing importance given that current standards specify that students should produce written… read more
Snow, Catherine E. 2017 Motivation and engagement in language and literacy developmentDevelopmental Perspectives in Written Language and Literacy: In honor of Ludo Verhoeven, Segers, Eliane and Paul van den Broek (eds.), pp. 137–147 | Chapter
In this chapter, I argue that certain facts about early and later first language development, second language learning, and literacy development can only be understood if we acknowledge the role of motivation and engagement. Young children are naturally motivated to engage in the social… read more
Snow, Catherine E. 1998 PrefaceThe Acquisition of Dutch, Gillis, Steven and Annick De Houwer (eds.), pp. ix ff. | Miscellaneous
Abstract The domain of narrative is often assumed to be the first extended discourse genre accessible to young children, and a natural mode for representing and remembering information. Ultimately, however, children must move beyond narrative to include other genres within their competency, such as… read more
Blum-Kulka, Shoshana and Catherine E. Snow 1992 Developing Autonomy for Tellers, Tales, and Telling in Family Narrative EventsJournal of Narrative and Life History 2:3, pp. 187–217 | Article
Abstract Dinner-table conversations are contexts in which children become socialized to local cultural rules regulating storytelling and may be able to achieve autonomy in telling stories, as tellers of stories, and in the content or tale recounted. Conversations from five American and five Israeli… read more
Snow, Catherine E. 1991 Language Proficiency: Towards a DefinitionA Case for Psycholinguistic Cases, Appel, Gabriela and Hans W. Dechert (eds.), pp. 63 ff. | Article