Tim Giesler

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Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching: Historical perspectives

Edited by Richard Smith and Tim Giesler

[AILA Applied Linguistics Series, 20] 2023. x, 217 pp. + index
Subjects History of linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching


In the context of language education, innovation seems a problematic concept. Although there is no doubt that teaching methods have changed in the 200 or so years that modern foreign languages have been taught in schools, it is usually highly debatable that they were as “new” as claimed when they… read more | Chapter
As an emerging interdisciplinary, plurilingual and intercultural field (McLelland & Smith, 2018), the History of Language Learning and Teaching – and associated considerations of Applied Linguistic Historiography (Smith, 2016) – can be expected to provide useful perspectives on innovation: how,… read more | Chapter