Gabriele Stein

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The English Dictionary from Cawdrey to Johnson 1604–1755

De Witt T. Starnes and Gertrude E. Noyes

[Studies in the History of the Language Sciences, 57] 1991. cxii, xxii, 299 pp.
Subjects Dictionaries | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics | History of linguistics


Stein, Gabriele 2011 The linking of lemma to gloss in Elyot’s Dictionary (1538)Words in Dictionaries and History: Essays in honour of R.W. McConchie, Timofeeva, Olga and Tanja Säily (eds.), pp. 55–78 | Article
Dictionary entries comprise two essential parts, the headword (‘lemma’) and the author’s explanation (‘gloss’). This paper addresses the ways in which compilers link these two components (using formulations such as ‘X means Y,’ ‘X is a mammal of the genus Z’). After a survey of medieval practice,… read more
Stein, Gabriele 1991 Introductory MaterialsThe English Dictionary from Cawdrey to Johnson 1604–1755, Starnes, De Witt T. and Gertrude E. Noyes | Section header
Stein, Gabriele 1986 Sixteenth-Century English-Vernacular DictionariesThe History of Lexicography, Hartmann, R.R.K. (ed.), pp. 219 ff. | Article