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Handbook of Terminology: Volume 1

Edited by Hendrik J. Kockaert and Frieda Steurs

[Handbook of Terminology, 1] 2015. xix, 539 pp.
Subjects Lexicography | Terminology

Terminology in Everyday Life

Edited by Marcel Thelen and Frieda Steurs

Subjects Terminology


Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs 2015 IntroductionHandbook of Terminology: Volume 1, Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. ix–xv | Article
Steurs, Frieda, Ken De Wachter and Evy De Malsche 2015 Terminology toolsHandbook of Terminology: Volume 1, Kockaert, Hendrik J. and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. 222–249 | Article
Terminology work plays a key role both in monolingual knowledge management processes, and in multilingual document management and translation work. In this chapter, we will focus on the methods and techniques available to select, handle and manage terminological units in specialized texts. The… read more
Thelen, Marcel and Frieda Steurs 2010 IntroductionTerminology in Everyday Life, Thelen, Marcel and Frieda Steurs (eds.), pp. 1–8 | Miscellaneous
Steurs, Frieda 1991 6. Generalized Phrase Structure GrammarLinguistic Theory and Grammatical Description: Nine Current Approaches, Droste, Flip G. and John E. Joseph (eds.), pp. 219 ff. | Chapter