Susan Strauss

List of John Benjamins publications for which Susan Strauss plays a role.


Buescher, Kimberly and Susan Strauss 2018 Chapter 5. Conceptual frameworks and L2 pedagogy: The case of French prepositionsUsage-inspired L2 Instruction: Researched pedagogy, Tyler, Andrea E., Lourdes Ortega, Mariko Uno and Hae In Park (eds.), pp. 95–115 | Chapter
Prepositions have historically posed challenges to second language (L2) learners, due largely to the fact that prepositions in the first language (L1) typically do not overlap in meaning, function, or use with L2 prepositions. Three prepositions in French, à, dans, and en, reflect this very issue.… read more
This chapter provides an encapsulated segment of a larger, on-going study centering on a complex set of prepositions and their corresponding phrasal verb particles and adverbs viewed from the methodological and analytic perspective of Conceptual Grammar. Conceptual Grammar is an approach to the… read more
Strauss, Susan, Heesun Chang and Yumi Matsumoto 2018 Chapter 9. Genre and the cultural realms of taste in Japanese, Korean, and U.S. online recipesPragmatics of Japanese: Perspectives on grammar, interaction and culture, Hudson, Mutsuko Endo, Yoshiko Matsumoto and Junko Mori (eds.), pp. 219–244 | Chapter
This chapter investigates the language, culture, and the discourse of food in Japan, Korea, and the United States, as prototypical exemplars of Western culture (U.S.) and Eastern culture (Japan and Korea). We compare and contrast patterns of discursive representations of food and social interaction… read more
Clancy, Patricia M., Noriko Akatasuka and Susan Strauss 1997 Deontic Modality and Conditionality in Discourse: A Cross-linguistic Study of Adult Speech to Young ChildrenDirections in Functional Linguistics, Kamio, Akio (ed.), pp. 19 ff. | Article