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Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Gesture Studies | Pragmatics

New Adventures in Language and Interaction

Edited by Jürgen Streeck

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 196] 2010. vi, 275 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Pragmatics

Gesturecraft: The manu-facture of meaning

Jürgen Streeck

[Gesture Studies, 2] 2009. xii, 235 pp.
Subjects Cognition and language | Communication Studies | Gesture Studies | Pragmatics
Subjects Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Streeck, Jürgen 2022 Gesture researchHandbook of Pragmatics: Manual, Verschueren, Jef and Jan-Ola Östman (eds.), pp. 672–695 | Chapter
Streeck, Jürgen 2021 The emancipation of gesturesInteractional Linguistics 1:1, pp. 90–122 | Article
Interactional linguists are interested in ways in which communicative resources emerge from interactional practice. This paper defines a place for the study of gesture within interactional linguistics, conceived as ‘linguistics of time’ (Hopper, 2015). It shows how hand gestures of a certain… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 2019 Gesture researchHandbook of Pragmatics: 22nd Annual Installment, Östman, Jan-Ola and Jef Verschueren (eds.), pp. 1–30 | Chapter
Deppermann, Arnulf and Jürgen Streeck 2018 The body in interaction: Its multiple modalities and temporalitiesTime in Embodied Interaction: Synchronicity and sequentiality of multimodal resources, Deppermann, Arnulf and Jürgen Streeck (eds.), pp. 1–30 | Chapter
This chapter discusses how multiple time-scales intersect in a particular unit of embodied communicative action, body postures that are held for a moment (beyond the single sequence of talk). These time-scales are the immediate moment and its position within the unfolding interaction sequence; the… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 2017 Chapter 14. AfterwordMoving Bodies in Interaction – Interacting Bodies in Motion: Intercorporeality, interkinesthesia, and enaction in sports, Meyer, Christian and Ulrich v. Wedelstaedt (eds.), pp. 345–354 | Chapter
This paper investigates how talk and practical action are coordinated during one type of activity involving professional communication: the service-­assessment sequence in hair salons. During this activity, a practical inspection of the haircut must be coupled with sequentially produced verbal… read more
This paper reports on a micro-ethnography of social interaction in an urban plaza in Colombia, focusing on the plaza’s role as an arena for the acquisition of interaction skills. We investigate how children of different ages initiate and sustain interactions with same-age and older peers and the… read more
In “Some functions of gaze direction in two-person conversation,” Adam Kendon provided the first systematic account of the organization of gaze in conversational interaction, arguing that here gaze behavior serves the regulation of speaker- and listenership. Recently, Rossano (2012) has argued that… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 2010 Ecologies of gestureNew Adventures in Language and Interaction, Streeck, Jürgen (ed.), pp. 223–242 | Article
This chapter presents a heuristic of ways in which hand-gestures participate in communicative interaction. Rather than conceiving gesture as part of language, an ecological perspective is proposed, and gestures are examined both in relation to sequences of social actions and to the ecological… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 2010 New adventures in language and interactionNew Adventures in Language and Interaction, Streeck, Jürgen (ed.), pp. 1–8 | Article
In “Depicting by gestures” (Gesture, 8 (3)), I have explored the methods by which hand gestures depict the world. Here I explore how gestures themselves are depicted. Many paintings and sculptures show human bodies in motion or showcase traces of body movements, including gestures of the hand. The… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 2008 Metaphor and gesture: A view from the microanalysis of interactionMetaphor and Gesture, Cienki, Alan and Cornelia Müller (eds.), pp. 259–264 | Article
Streeck, Jürgen 2008 Depicting by gestureGesture 8:3, pp. 285–301 | Article
This paper deals with ways in which gestural “pictures” are made, i.e., manual depictions of phenomena in the world. The view that “iconic” gestures uniformly function by way of some resemblance between signifier and signified is rejected, giving way to an understanding of depiction by gesture as… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 2003 Review of Steinberg ((2001)): Leonardo’s incessant last supperGesture 3:2, pp. 213–236 | Review article
Streeck, Jürgen 2002 A body and its gesturesGesture 2:1, pp. 19–44 | Article
This paper is about gestures made by a car-mechanic during a single extended episode of work. Some of these gestures are recurrent and appear to be parts of a repertoire of communicative forms with which this man responds to understanding tasks that routinely occur in his work; others appear to be… read more
Streeck, Jürgen 1992 The Dispreferred Other(On) Searle on Conversation: Compiled and introduced by Herman Parret and Jef Verschueren, Searle, John R., Herman Parret and Jef Verschueren, pp. 129 ff. | Article
Streeck, Jürgen and Ulrike Hartge 1992 Previews: Gestures at the Transition PlaceThe Contextualization of Language, Auer, Peter and Aldo Di Luzio (eds.), pp. 135 ff. | Article