Sarah Stroumsa

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Stroumsa, Sarah 2015 “Wondrous Paths”: the Ismāʿīlī context of Saadya’s ‘Commentary on Sefer Yeṣira’Bochumer Philosophisches Jahrbuch für Antike und Mittelalter: Band 18, Baumbach, Manuel, Burkhard Mojsisch und Olaf Pluta (Hrsg.), pp. 74–90 | Article
The Commentary on Sefer Yeṣira (Book of Creation), with its pronounced Pythagorean and Neo-Platonic overtones, written by Saadya Gaon in 931, stands out among the other writings of this Jewish theologian (mutakallim), and raises the question of the purpose of its composition. It has been argued… read more
Abstract In studying the attitude of medieval philosophers towards the act of writing, scholars have tended to concentrate on their esoteric tendencies and their reluctance to commit philosophy to writing. The basic attitude of medieval philosophers to the decision to commit something to writing,… read more