Diane Brentari

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New Methodologies in Sign Language Phonology: Papers from TISLR 10

Edited by Diane Brentari and Ronnie B. Wilbur

Special issue of Sign Language & Linguistics 15:1 (2012) v, pp. 183
Subjects Electronic/Multimedia Products | Signed languages | Theoretical linguistics

The Joy of Grammar: A festschrift in honor of James D. McCawley

Edited by Diane Brentari, Gary N. Larson and Lynn A. MacLeod

[Not in series, 55] 1992. xii, 400 pp.
Subjects Theoretical linguistics


Brentari, Diane, Joseph Hill and Brianne Amador 2018 Variation in phrasal rhythm in sign languages: Introducing “rhythm ratio”Sign Language & Linguistics 21:1, pp. 41–76 | Article
In this paper. we offer a preliminary investigation of some aspects of individual and group variation in sign rate and rhythm, considering the sociolinguistic factors of Age (younger and older adults), Gender, and Sign Variety (Black and Mainstream American Sign Language). Differences in sign… read more
Brentari, Diane and Ronnie B. Wilbur 2012 Guest Editors’ PrefaceNew Methodologies in Sign Language Phonology: Papers from TISLR 10, Brentari, Diane and Ronnie B. Wilbur (eds.), pp. 1–10 | Miscellaneous
This paper discusses the role of iconicity in sign language phonology by utilizing recently developed tools available in the areas of phonological contrast and feature distribution. In particular, we explain the degree to which iconic elements of handshape interact with the feature system of sign… read more
This paper describes a notation system for the handshapes of sign languages that is theoretically motivated, grounded in empirical data, and economical in design. The system was constructed using the Prosodic Model of Sign Language Phonology. Handshapes from three lexical components — core,… read more
Brentari, Diane and Laurinda Crossley 2002 Prosody on the hands and face: Evidence from American Sign LanguageSign Language & Linguistics 5:2, pp. 105–130 | Article
The analysis in this paper deals with the prosodic cues that were present in a one-hour lecture by a native signer of American Sign Language (ASL). Special attention is paid to the interaction of the dominant hand (H1) and the nondominant hand (H2), as well as to facial expressions articulated on… read more