Merrill Swain

List of John Benjamins publications for which Merrill Swain plays a role.


This paper was presented at the ALAA/ALANZ conference, Canberra, Australia, December, 2011. read more | Article
An enduring issue in immersion education focuses on the appropriate use of the L1 in the one-way or two-way immersion classroom. In this article we discuss several key constructs (mediation, languaging, the cognition/emotion relationship, zone of proximal development) that are central to a… read more | Article
Swain, Merrill. 2006. 5. Verbal protocols: What does it mean for research to use speaking as a data collection tool?. Inference and Generalizability in Applied Linguistics: Multiple perspectives, Chalhoub-Deville, Micheline, Carol A. Chapelle and Patricia A. Duff (eds.), pp. 97–113
The school performance of pupils in Grades 1-3 of the French immersion program in operation in Ottawa public schools is evaluated in comparison with that of pupils in the regular English program. By the end of Grade I immersion program pupils taught reading in French lag behind their peers in the… read more | Article