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Crossroads Semantics: Computation, experiment and grammar

Edited by Hilke Reckman, Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng, Maarten Hijzelendoorn and Rint Sybesma

[Not in series, 210] 2017. viii, 329 pp.
Subjects Semantics | Theoretical linguistics


This paper offers novel insights on articlelessness in noun phrases in Dutch and German headlines. Modified noun phrases that lack a determiner in headlines exhibit adjectival agreement that cannot be explained if one assumes an article that is phonologically null or that has been PF-deleted. We… read more | Article
The topic of this chapter is locatives containing a measure expression (like the English 60 yards behind the palace) in Mandarin and Cantonese. More generally, it is about the structure of locative PPs. The hypothesis in Terzi (2010), which says that locatives are modifiers to an N Place (which… read more | Chapter
本文通过对含有光杆动宾结构和体标记的汉语非自足句的考察,提出这些句子不合法的原因在于它们都是非限定句。在对非限定句做出的功能定义的基础上,本文指出事件句的时间理解需要三类抽象“时间”,即事件时间(Situation Time, SitT),声称/指称时间(Topic/Reference Time, TT),和说话时间(Utterance Time, UT)。在此基础上,我们进一步指出限定句的骨架的必有成分包括 CP, TP, AspP 和 VP(即 VP-e)。因此,本文讨论的句子之所以不合法,可以归因于骨架的不完整。同时,本文也检验了几种修补该类句子的手段, read more | Article
Cheng, Lisa Lai-Shen, Jenny Doetjes and Rint Sybesma 2008 How universal is the Universal Grinder?Linguistics in the Netherlands 2008, Koppen, Marjo van and Bert Botma (eds.), pp. 50–62
This paper deals with an areal feature shared by languages spoken in Indo-China and Southern China, namely, the presence of a modal element in a for these languages a-typical post-verbal position. In this paper we investigate the properties of this element in Cantonese, Lao, Vietnamese and Zhuang.… read more | Article
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