Heping Liu

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Liu, Heping et Jun Xu 2010 Étude sur l’interprétation en Chine: Résultats et enjeuxFORUM 8:2, pp. 47–73 | Article
Abstract/Résumé The study on interpretation in China experienced a fast development since 1996, when the first national seminar took place on interpretation and teaching. This development includes the quantity of publications as well as the deepening of theoretical reflections. The author, with the… read more
The author, taking into account Chinese market demands and the requirement of professionalism, analyzes the reasons why, with the help of figures, she suggests dividing professional interpretation into three levels. She then studies the principles and methods of consecutive interpretation training… read more
Abstract/Résumé The purpose of this article is to examine intercultural studies through negotiations involving the buy-back of shares, in which the author took part as interpreter. The author shows that, on the one hand, cultural and methodological differences have an impact on the relations of the… read more