Josef Ruppenhofer

List of John Benjamins publications for which Josef Ruppenhofer plays a role.

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Ruppenhofer, Josef and Laura A. Michaelis 2014 Frames and the interpretation of omitted arguments in EnglishPerspectives on Linguistic Structure and Context: Studies in honor of Knud Lambrecht, Katz Bourns, Stacey and Lindsy L. Myers (eds.), pp. 57–86 | Article
Despite the idiosyncratic properties of null-complement phenomena observed by Fillmore (1986), Lambrecht and Lemoine (2005), and others, many researchers have pursued large-scope, single-factor explanations of the distributional and interpretive restrictions on null complements – in particular,… read more
Authors like Fillmore 1986 and Goldberg 2006 have made a strong case for regarding argument omission in English as a lexical and construction-based affordance rather than one based on general semantico-pragmatic constraints. They do not, however, address the question of how grammatical… read more