Daniel J. Taylor

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Subjects Classical linguistics | History of linguistics | Philosophy
Subjects Classical linguistics | History of linguistics
Subjects Classical linguistics | History of linguistics


Marcus Terentius Varro (116–27 B.C.) has often been accused of propagating etymologies from contraries, e.g., war (bellum) is so called because it is not pretty (bellum). The facts prove otherwise, however, for he adduces only two such etymologies in his De Lingua Latina; one he rejects entirely,… read more
This paper addresses documents and celebrates the many remarkable success sto­ries that have figured so prominently in the study of the history of clas­sical lin­guis­tics in recent years. Marcus Terentius Varro (116–27 BC) and his De Lingua Latina provide a striking case in point. Varro enjoyed… read more
This article critically assesses the linguistic and pedagogical value of Priscian’s analysis of Latin nouns and verbs in his short treatise on the noun, pronoun, and verb. After determining that the Institutio de nomine et pronomine et verbodiffers substantially from Priscian’s other grammatical… read more
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This article critically assesses how Dionysius and Varro differ with respect to particular matters of linguistic theory and practice. It emphasizes the absence of declensions in Dionysius’ Téchnē (and in subsequent Greek grammar), his inability to distinguish between derivation and inflection,… read more
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