Václav Cvrček

List of John Benjamins publications for which Václav Cvrček plays a role.


Cvrček, Václav, Zuzana Laubeová, David Lukeš, Petra Poukarová, Anna Řehořková and Adrian Jan Zasina 2023 Register differences and intra-register variation of elicited textsRegister Studies: Online-First Articles
This study examines functional differences between texts elicited under different scenarios (both between- and intra-register variation). Text elicitation is used (in linguistics and other disciplines) to control for the conditions of production and in the hopes of observing different reactions to… read more | Article
Milička, Jiří, Václav Cvrček and Lucie Lukešová 2021 Modelling crosslinguistic n‑gram correspondence in typologically different languagesLanguages in Contrast 21:2, pp. 217–249
N‑gram analysis (popularized e.g. by Biber et al., 1999) has become a popular method for the identification of recurrent language patterns. Although the extraction of n‑grams from a corpus may seem straightforward, it proves to be very challenging when applied cross-linguistically (cf. e.g. Ebeling… read more | Article
Cvrček, Václav, Zuzana Laubeová, David Lukeš, Petra Poukarová, Anna Řehořková and Adrian Jan Zasina 2020 Author and register as sources of variation: A corpus-based study using elicited textsInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 25:4, pp. 461–488
This paper investigates the contribution of author/idiolect vs. register/type-of-text – as the most salient factors influencing the final shape of a text – towards explaining the variation observed in Czech texts. Since it is almost impossible to explore the effect of these factors on authentic… read more | Article
Cvrček, Václav and Masako U. Fidler 2019 Chapter 5. More than keywords: Discourse prominence analysis of the Russian Web Portal Sputnik Czech RepublicPolitical Discourse in Central, Eastern and Balkan Europe, Berrocal, Martina and Aleksandra Salamurović (eds.), pp. 93–118
The interpretation of a text usually starts with finding what is striking. Keyword analysis is a widely used corpus linguistic method that helps identify words as possible carriers of prominent topics in a text. It identifies words with significantly higher relative frequency in a target text when… read more | Chapter