Helen Tebble

List of John Benjamins publications for which Helen Tebble plays a role.


Tebble, Helen 2012 1. Interpreting or interfering?Coordinating Participation in Dialogue Interpreting, Baraldi, Claudio and Laura Gavioli (eds.), pp. 23–44
There is an ever growing need for community or public service interpreting around the world yet there is great disparity between both the quality and availability of educational courses for community interpreters. This chapter focuses on the Australian context and assumes a community interpreter is… read more | Article
Tebble, Helen 2009 13. What can interpreters learn from discourse studies?The Critical Link 5: Quality in interpreting – a shared responsibility, Hale, Sandra, Uldis Ozolins and Ludmila Stern (eds.), pp. 201–219
The literature on discourse studies is vast yet the field of community interpreting has been fairly slow in making good use of it. This chapter briefly outlines three approaches to discourse analysis and emphasizes the sociolinguistic importance of the speech event. Implications of some of the… read more | Article
Tebble, Helen 2003 Training Doctors to Work Effectively with InterpretersThe Critical Link 3: Interpreters in the Community, Brunette, Louise, Georges L. Bastin, Isabelle Hemlin and Heather Clarke (eds.), pp. 81–95
Kondo, Masaomi and Helen Tebble 1997 Intercultural communication, negotiation and interpretingConference Interpreting: Current trends in research, Gambier, Yves, Daniel Gile and Christopher Taylor (eds.), pp. 149 ff.
It has been estimated by those who work in the computing industry that sixty per cent of their time is taken up in communication and only forty per cent is spent on technical work. There is then a clear need to develop the communicative abilities of those in the computer industry. Well designed… read more | Article