Erik R. Thomas

List of John Benjamins publications for which Erik R. Thomas plays a role.


Thomas, Erik R. 2006 3. Evidence from Ohio on the evolution of /ae/Language Variation and Change in the American Midland: A New Look at ‘Heartland’ English, Murray, Thomas E. and Beth Lee Simon (eds.), pp. 69–89 | Chapter
Thomas, Erik R. and Phillip M. Carter 2006 Prosodic rhythm and African American EnglishEnglish World-Wide 27:3, pp. 331–355 | Article
Prosodic rhythm was measured for a sample of 20 African American and 20 European American speakers from North Carolina using the metric devised by Low, Grabe and Nolan (2000), which involves comparisons of the durations of vowels in adjacent syllables. In order to gain historical perspective, the… read more
Thomas, Erik R. 1996 A comparison of variation patterns of variables among sixth graders in an Ohio communityFocus on the USA, Schneider, Edgar W. (ed.), pp. 149 ff. | Article