Graham Thurgood

List of John Benjamins publications for which Graham Thurgood plays a role.



Thurgood, Graham. 2006. Variation as a reflection of contact: Notes from Southeast Asia. Variation and Reconstruction, Cravens, Thomas D. (ed.), pp. 215 ff.
Summary Our most widely-used model of tonogenesis is Haudricourt’s 1954 classic analysis of Vietnamese tonogenesis. This paper examines Vietnamese evidence and this dominant model of tonogenesis, arguing that the Haudricourt analysis should be updated, replacing its segmentally-driven model by a… read more | Article
This paper attempts to determine whether the particle ja in Kristang (spoken in Malacca, Malaysia) functions as part of an aspect, a tense, or an aktionsart system. The paper first argues that ja does not mark the perfective in an aspectual system. Second, it argues that ja does not mark the past… read more | Article