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Balkan Syntax and Semantics

Edited by Olga Mišeska Tomić

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 67] 2004. xvi, 499 pp.
Subjects Balto-Slavic linguistics | Generative linguistics | Romance linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

History and Perspectives of Language Study: Papers in honor of Ranko Bugarski. .

Edited by Olga Mišeska Tomić and Milorad Radovanović

[Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 186] 2000. xxi, 305 pp.
Subjects Balto-Slavic linguistics | History of linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


In the Balkan Slavic languages, whose dialects actually form a dialectal continuum, clitic doubling shows gradual variation along a vertical north-south axis and a horizontal east-west axis. On the north-south axis, there is variation with respect to the categories that can be clitic-doubled. On… read more | Article
The author examines some Balkan Sprachbund features that appear in neighbouring dialects of individual languages, but are absent from the other dialects of the languages to which these dialects belong; as well as some features that function in neighbouring Balkan languages of different families,… read more | Article
This paper argues that the position of clitics in South Slavic imperative clauses follows from the strength of a Mood operator to the left of AgrP, where the imperative mood feature of the verb is checked. In Serbian/Croatian and Bulgarian this operator is weak and the position of the clitics… read more | Article
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In Standard Macedonian, we have two types of “special” clitics: (a) clitics that represent categories whose behavior in non-clitic syntax differs from their behavior in clitic syntax and (b) clitics that do not have counterparts in non-clitic syntax. The former type includes the pronominal and… read more | Article
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