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Subjects Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics


This chapter explores the continuity between Bill Nash’s academic work on style and stylistics and his fiction writing. In both forms, Nash aimed to instruct and entertain, and saw that to achieve those ends one had to be seriously playful and use a creative imagination. The… read more | Chapter
This paper analyses and discusses dialogue in the hugely-celebrated HBO series, The Wire (2002–2008). One paradox that particularly interests me is that the dialogue is “involvingly incomprehensible” or, to be more precise, that it is quite difficult to understand fully, but no less absorbing and… read more | Article
Toolan, Michael. 2009. Trust and text, text as trust. Words, Grammar, Text: Revisiting the work of John Sinclair, Moon, Rosamund (ed.), pp. 105–122
Toolan, Michael. 2007. Are Brummies developing narrative of European identity?. The Discourse of Europe: Talk and text in everyday life, Millar, Sharon and John Wilson (eds.), pp. 79–94
Toolan, Michael. 2007. Trust and text, text as trust. Words, grammar, text: revisiting the work of John Sinclair, Moon, Rosamund (ed.), pp. 269–288
In this essay I celebrate and interrogate John Sinclair’s seminal paper, ‘Trust the text’, a paper in which several radically new ideas about the role of prospection and encapsulation in the reader’s processing of text are outlined. I mention some of the ways in which trust is fundamental to… read more | Article