Stephen Toulmin

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Beyond Theory: Changing organizations through participation

Edited by Stephen Toulmin and Bjørn Gustavsen

[Dialogues on Work and Innovation, 2] 1996. viii, 233 pp.
Subjects Industrial & organizational studies


Toulmin, Stephen 2000 Be Reasonable, not CertainConcepts and Transformation 5:2, pp. 151–163
Ever since the 17th century, European thinkers have valued ‘rationality’ at the expense of ‘reasonableness’: the current crisis about postmodernity is one by-product of that obsession. Yet, from garden design and literature to electrical theory and development economics, it can be helpful to… read more | Article
Toulmin, Stephen 1997 The Ambiguities of GlobalizationConcepts and Transformation 2:3, pp. 269–278
In the industrialized countries, notably of Europe, the 1990s have seen a systematic erosion of the social protections that the liberal democracies carefully built, as a matter of policy, in the years after the World War II: the protections we know collectively as 'the Welfare State'. This change… read more | Article
The case of Action Research drives a wedge between two opposite views of research methodology: an 'exclusive ' (Platonic/theoretical) one which insists that only objective and quantitative inquiries (as in physics) are genuine scientific research, and an 'inclusive ' (Aristotelian/practical) one… read more | Article