Tine Defour

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This article discusses the semantic-pragmatic developments of three adverbs from the semantic field of veracity, verily, truly and really. They share a number of truth-assessing functions in present-day discourse but show significant differences in terms of frequency and in their individual range… read more | Article
Defour, Tine, Ulrique D'Hondt, Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen and Dominique Willems 2010 Degrees of pragmaticalization: The divergent histories of ‘actually’ and actuellementPragmatic Markers and Pragmaticalization: Lessons from false friends, Lauwers, Peter, Gudrun Vanderbauwhede and Stijn Verleyen (eds.), pp. 166–193
Despite their formal resemblance, the English word ‘actually’ and the French word actuellement fulfil very different semantic-pragmatic functions in their present-day usage. In most cases they are ‘false friends’, as they overlap in meaning in a very limited number of contexts only. Since these… read more | Article
Defour, Tine 2008 'And so now…': The grammaticalisation and (inter)subjectification of now The Dynamics of Linguistic Variation: Corpus evidence on English past and present, Nevalainen, Terttu, Irma Taavitsainen, Päivi Pahta and Minna Korhonen (eds.), pp. 17–36
In addition to its primary temporal meaning, the adverb now displays a variety of pragmatic meanings in present-day English. Now serves as a means to structure topic changes or to emphasise different steps in an argumentation, providing “a temporal index for the world within the utterance”… read more | Article
In present-day English, well and now function as pragmatic markers with a wide range of text-structuring and interpersonal meanings. Both markers are used as topic-changers and serve as a means to signal speaker-attitudes or to gain a shared level of understanding between speaker and addressee on… read more | Article