George Tsoulas

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Morphology and its Interfaces

Edited by Alexandra Galani, Glyn Hicks and George Tsoulas

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 178] 2011. ix, 353 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Theoretical linguistics


Haddican, Bill and George Tsoulas 2012 A continuum of deficiency for Basque infinitivesNoun Phrases and Nominalization in Basque: Syntax and semantics, Etxeberria, Urtzi, Ricardo Etxepare and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria (eds.), pp. 437–460 | Article
This paper makes two claims about non-finite constituents headed by the affixes -tu/-i/-n/-Ø in Basque. First the semantics of these elements in modal contexts indicates that the standard analysis of these constituents as aspectual phrases is incorrect. We argue that -tu/-i/-n/-Ø are merged as… read more
Galani, Alexandra, Glyn Hicks and George Tsoulas 2011 Introduction: Morphology and its interfacesMorphology and its Interfaces, Galani, Alexandra, Glyn Hicks and George Tsoulas (eds.), pp. 1–18 | Article
Adger, David and George Tsoulas 2004 Circumstantial adverbs and aspectAdverbials: The interplay between meaning, context, and syntactic structure, Austin, Jennifer R., Stefan Engelberg and Gisa Rauh (eds.), pp. 45–66 | Article
Etchegoyhen, Thierry and George Tsoulas 1998 Thetic and Categorical, Attributive and Referential: Towards an explanation of definiteness effectsRomance Linguistics: Theoretical Perspectives, Schwegler, Armin, Bernard Tranel and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria (eds.), pp. 81 ff. | Article
Tsoulas, George 1994 Checking theory, subject extraction, and the theory of movementThemes in Greek Linguistics: Papers from the First International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Reading, September 1993, Philippaki-Warburton, Irene, Katerina Nicolaidis and Maria Sifianou (eds.), pp. 93 ff. | Article