Juan Uriagereka

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Martin, Roger and Juan Uriagereka 2014 Chains in MinimalismMinimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces, Kosta, Peter, Steven L. Franks, Teodora Radeva-Bork and Lilia Schürcks (eds.), pp. 169–194 | Article
This paper considers how the system identifies multiple occurrences of a syntactic object α as a chain, a set of copies. For Chomsky (1995, 2000, 2001), copies can arise only by movement (internal merge); lexical items introduced by external merge are stipulated to be distinct tokens, coded by… read more
Uriagereka, Juan 2014 Regarding the Third Factor: Arguments for a CLASH modelMinimalism and Beyond: Radicalizing the interfaces, Kosta, Peter, Steven L. Franks, Teodora Radeva-Bork and Lilia Schürcks (eds.), pp. 363–391 | Article
“3rd factor” considerations are argued here to be a consequence of “dynamical frustration”. This process is seen as the irreconcilable tension between opposing tendencies that gives rise to a form of dynamical stability. Such tendencies are argued to be orthogonal computations: the left-to-right PF… read more
Lasnik, Howard and Juan Uriagereka 2012 Chapter 1. Structure at the bottomOf Grammar, Words, and Verses: In honor of Carlos Piera, Torrego, Esther (ed.), pp. 5–18 | Article
Generative Semantics set out to unearth the intricacies of paradigms by applying the same computational devices that helped generative grammar account for syntagmatic dependencies. The proposal failed on empirical grounds, as paradigmatic relations lack the productivity, transparency and… read more
Gallego, Ángel J. and Juan Uriagereka 2007 Sub-extraction from subjects: A phase theory accountRomance Linguistics 2006: Selected papers from the 36th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), New Brunswick, March-April 2006, Camacho, José, Nydia Flores-Ferrán, Liliana Sánchez, Viviane Déprez and María José Cabrera (eds.), pp. 149 ff. | Article
Gallego, Ángel J. and Juan Uriagereka 2007 Conditions on sub-extractionCoreference, Modality, and Focus: Studies on the syntax–semantics interface, Eguren, Luis and Olga Fernández-Soriano (eds.), pp. 45–70 | Article
Uriagereka, Juan 2006 Complete and partial InflAgreement Systems, Boeckx, Cedric (ed.), pp. 267–298 | Article
Uriagereka, Juan 2005 On the syntax of doublingClitic and Affix Combinations: Theoretical perspectives, Heggie, Lorie and Francisco Ordóñez (eds.), pp. 343–374 | Article
Uriagereka, Juan 2000 Doubling and possessionClitics in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, Gerlach, Birgit and Janet Grijzenhout (eds.), pp. 405–431 | Article
This paper explores the conjecture that clitic doubling in languages like Spanish shares some fundamental aspects of the semantics of inalienable possession, especially if understood in terms of a syntax of the kind originally advocated by Szabolcsi (1983). A few paradigms are discussed where this… read more
Uriagereka, Juan 1998 A Note on RigidityPossessors, Predicates and Movement in the Determiner Phrase, Alexiadou, Artemis and Chris Wilder (eds.), pp. 361 ff. | Article
Uriagereka, Juan 1998 From Being to Having: Questions about ontology from a Kayne / Szabolcsi syntaxRomance Linguistics: Theoretical Perspectives, Schwegler, Armin, Bernard Tranel and Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria (eds.), pp. 283 ff. | Article