Jerome S. Bruner

List of John Benjamins publications for which Jerome S. Bruner plays a role.


Bruner, Jerome S. 2003 Chapter 3. The narrative construction of realityNarrative Intelligence, Mateas, Michael and Phoebe Sengers (eds.), pp. 41–62 | Article
Bruner, Jerome S. 2001 Self-making and world-makingNarrative and Identity: Studies in Autobiography, Self and Culture, Brockmeier, Jens and Donal Carbaugh (eds.), pp. 25–37 | Chapter
Bruner, Jerome S. 1998 Routes to referenceThe Concept of Reference in the Cognitive Sciences, Kronfeld, Amichai and Lawrence D. Roberts (eds.), pp. 209–227 | Article
However one conceives of the relation between a sign and its significate, referring is a communicative act in which a speaker must intentionally direct the attention of an interlocutor to some object, event, or state of affairs that the speaker has in mind. This article examines the ontogenesis and… read more