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Historical (socio)pragmatics at present

Edited by Matylda Włodarczyk and Irma Taavitsainen

Special issue of Journal of Historical Pragmatics 18:2 (2017) v, 180 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Historical linguistics | Pragmatics


Historical pragmatic analyses have underlined the discourse dependence and pragmatic sensitivity of speech acts. As a result, researchers’ attention has shifted from form, structure and tokenisation of utterances to interactive frameworks. This paper follows suit and argues that speech acts in… read more | Chapter
When addressing family members or friends, letter writers enter a common ground of some sort, where, as research has shown, the rules of everyday interaction apply (Nurmi and Palander-Colin 2008). In different historical periods, familiar correspondence is thus very much about maintaining existing… read more | Article
Włodarczyk, Matylda and Irma Taavitsainen 2017 Introduction: Historical (socio)pragmatics at presentHistorical (socio)pragmatics at present, Włodarczyk, Matylda and Irma Taavitsainen (eds.), pp. 159–174
This introductory paper defines the present state of the art of historical (socio)pragmatics. We single out interactional and social foci as the most important, and we briefly characterise some more narrowly defined perspectives. These involve a politeness-related view that relies on relational… read more | Introduction
This contribution aims to assess the possibility of filtering reflexive, i.e. intentional and strategic linguistic choices from the politic and highly conventionalised language of historical letters (see Wood 2009). As I would like to argue, an analysis of some “backstage” epistolary data could be… read more | Article
The received view has it that the language of petitions aims at elevating the addressee and demeaning the author. Recent studies into historical (im)politeness interpret it as epistolary facework, i.e. “politic” rather than “polite” behaviour (Bax 2010). Drawing on evidence of the genre dynamics… read more | Article
Włodarczyk, Matylda 2013 Community or communities of practice? 1820 petitioners in the Cape ColonyCommunities of Practice in the History of English, Kopaczyk, Joanna and Andreas H. Jucker (eds.), pp. 83–102
This article illustrates the complexity of the official/personal interface in nineteenth-century letters of petition addressed to the British colonial authorities in Cape Town (1820–25). Despite the rigid institutionalised demands on message clarity and petitioner’s detachment, the author’s ego… read more | Article