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List of John Benjamins publications for which Tony Veale plays a role.

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Veale, Tony 2020  Metaphor as sign and as symbolProducing Figurative Expression: Theoretical, experimental and practical perspectives, Barnden, John and Andrew Gargett (eds.), pp. 511–532 | Chapter
Metaphors come as second nature to users of language because they are so often the norm. We trade in them deftly, to the point of seeming indifference to, and sometimes even ignorance of, their figurative natures. But the opposite is also true, since words that are offered with the plainest of… read more
A large repository of familiar linguistic metaphors is also an implicit repository of the knowledge any agent needs to generate and understand novel linguistic metaphors. Moreover, a sufficiently large repository of resonant juxtapositions is a rich source of the potential metaphors that an active… read more
Veale, Tony 2013 Strategies and tactics for ironic subversionDevelopments in Linguistic Humour Theory, Dynel, Marta (ed.), pp. 321–340 | Article
Ironic descriptions subvert the norms of descriptive language. Norms have highly salient exemplars – shared stereotypes – on which speakers can draw to create a vivid description, but ironic speakers instead construct their own counter-examples, often identifying exceptional cases where the… read more
Veale, Tony 2012 Chapter 15. A computational exploration of creative similesMetaphor in Use: Context, culture, and communication, MacArthur, Fiona, José Luis Oncins-Martínez, Manuel Sánchez-García and Ana M. Piquer-Píriz (eds.), pp. 329–344 | Chapter
The syntactic form of explicit as-similes provides a ready-made infrastructure for linguistic creativity that writers and speakers can exploit with remarkable freedom. This chapter adopts a computational approach to similes, asking: what kinds of knowledge must a computational agent possess so as… read more